Woof for Vets

Woof for Vets’ provides U.S. military veterans with a free purebred puppy of the breed of their choice, free delivery of that puppy, and optional free training so they can get the most out of their new companion.

Woof for Vets is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation, registered with the State of Missouri as of March 17, 2016.

Our mission is to grow and share Woof for Vets’ services with all military veterans that, having sacrificed so much, now find themselves needing a little help getting up in the morning.

If you are a veteran that would enjoy having an eager and dedicated companion, a walking/hiking partner, or just an attentive and loving friend, fill out our puppy application form. As a token of our gratitude for your service, we’d be honored to see if we can help find you a dog to brighten you days!

Referrals for a dog are made by veterans, by family, by friends, by Facebook, or by Contacting Us here.

Help Support Our Vets with Pets

Our puppy delivery van is on its last leg.
If you could help us upgrade our
transportation call 417-399-9047
or 417-345-5864

Apply for a Puppy Here

*If you’re a Veteran in Missouri interested in free dog training, Contact Us

Pamela Dean, Trainer in Ozark

Private training available, call 417-413-7036 for details

Pamela Dean Dog Trainer_

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